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19 February
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Sometimes It doesnt matter what you write in your livejounal info because I mean, who actually reads this anyways? Yeah, see thats what I thought. lol ;-)

Shout out to my second home & family... The Erwins & kids. MotherGoose, Lacey, Jenna, Gibby, & Sample. <3 Family rocks


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I am the coolest kid ever. Actualy not really, you see... Im just your typical over exagerated, perfectionist, trendy/loser-typish teen. And from the looks of it, you seem to be that way too. <3 Just kidding+
Strengths: Friendly, Smart(Very intelligent), Beautiful, Trendy, Athletic, Fun, Very artistic+++
Weaknesses: Hard to please, Immature at times, Buys things that cost wayy too much $$, shops too much, Strong obsession with Orlando Bloom---
Special Skills: Excellent softball & soccer player, Excellent writter, Excellent friend, Can watch LOTR & POTC 5 times in a row+
Weapons: Excellent tactic of putting on a fascade if you double cross me+
Pet Peeves: guys who call me every single day when I have no intention of wanting to speak at the moment, people with screennames like "BabyGurl098743" or "Sexxxxygrl69" or "Soccergoddess903473"; argh!! ummm people who are completely two faced, people who dont put thier toilet paper rolls on the little bar... just leave it next to the toilet!!, when ppl put cereal inside the refridgerator, people who dont match thier clothes, girls who wear shirts that say "Your boyfriend thinks im hot" when they are 34087240987123984 pounds overweight....

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